Shaking 2020

On December the 30th 2019, right one year ago, I recorded my first video masterclass in Spanish. In my canvas for the first half of 2020, I’ve just decided (after a deep consideration) to launch an online version of my product. This was a big step for my business model, which was 100% offline at that time. I simply thought it will be a good idea to offer to my clients a digital option, more sustainable and flexible, with the same purpose and impact than the offline format, so that they could choose the model which matched best with their needs. I got to work and when the scenario experienced the most radical plot twist of recent history, the muses found me well prepared. The digital migration of my business model was seamless and smooth. I have no doubt that the fact of focusing on what my final user need (which has always been my guideline) has been essential to embrace and enjoy new business scenarios without looking back for even a single moment.

What can I do to help and make things happen? This question has always been one of my main drivers and today I consider this idea more meaningful than ever. We all know the impacts of 2020 and each one of us has experienced them from a double perspective: individually and collectively. We have been swapping screens and getting used (some more than others) to a new pace. We perfectly know how is the initial scenario of 2021 and we have learned not to trust predictions and forecasts (both concepts are so 20th century!). A big part of 2021 will depend on what are we going to do, our decisions and personal choices, apparently insignificant. We do not need to look that further to see that an individual action can derive in global impacts.

Just because we are living a total power to the people momentum, and from my deepest gratitude to my community, with which I’ve been navigating such a decisive year, in 2021 I will keep on working hand in hand with my people, contributing to make the world a better place for everyone.

Just in case you want to have a look, here you have my selection of what I’ve been posting this year. Huge thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to the people and teams who inspired me throughout 2020. I wish you all a healthy 2021. Thank you for stopping by, this year more than ever.



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Bamboo scafoldings to inspire sustainable organisational architecture.

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What is the talent mix that made your company successful?

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The absolute rockstars of the year.


Readings & Podcasts:

A book that brings clarity to a feeling which is the foundation of manipulation.


Maestro Marcelo Ghio is hypnotic (check it out!).

Thumbs up for GenZ!

It will (still) be an essential reading in 2021.

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