Recommendation of the month

Pasión por innovar. F. Ponti & X. Ferràs.
This book was written in 2006 and I did read it on 2008. Back to that time, companies did not have transformation offices, nobody bought “cultural change” projects  and the words “innovation”, “disruption” or “transformation” did not exist as a trending topic (even if short after that they would start to become more popular).

Years go by and, after lots of literature and experiences linked to innovation and creativity projects and teaching, I still believe this book, humbly written and highly didactic, is one of the best in its category. No posing, no arrogance and lots of examples and exercises that even today lay the perfect foundation for a good session of open innovation where all kind of profiles and perspectives are more than welcome. Innovation and creativity are natural human talents. Let’s celebrate them!

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