Shaking 2021

Many people might say that we reached the end of this year more or less as we reached the end of last year, with very similar conversations and trending topics. However, if we zoom in on the picture, we will see that the scenario is different and the lessons learned are real. Let me explain.

The evolution or the construction of something new does not happen in an instant or in a year (which is the same as an instant if we consider the history of our planet). It doesn’t happen at the flick of a switch, nor do LEGOs come out of their boxes assembled. Everything requires a process, a path, a journey or whatever we want to call that flow through which we learn, make things happen, learn again and so on until scenarios and paradigms appear that did not exist some time ago (and which, in turn, will evolve into other realities in the future).

The topics I have worked on this year with my dearest community of clients (I could not be more grateful to you) have been different from those of 2020. 2021 has clearly been the year of COMMON ACTION: co-creating with operational teams to implement new strategies and ways of working, streamlining organisational structures by boosting intrapreneurship, working on everyday innovation by helping the entire internal customer community to discover their creative profiles and put them into practice, updating the HR areas that have left behind the productive approach of the 20th century and have embraced the 21st century customer approach, giving prominence to tactical and operational teams (and not focus everything on strategy, as it was always done), cultivating the diversity of the organisation as a basis for any subsequent project … All this is real and it IS HAPPENING. Let’s stop calling what we are experiencing “change”, it is EVOLUTION. And, like sunrises, it does not happen at the flick of a switch. And, like sunrises, it is something that is happening gradually, day by day.

2022 will continue to be a year of sharing, of co-creating, of supporting each other, of being accomplices to continue building, of using music to cover up the noise of those who won’t let us create. Year after year, I have no words to express my gratitude to the whole community with whom, in one way or another, we share our journey. For 2022, I wish you health, clarity and serenity to continue evolving and creating sunrises.  Power to the People.

And as the year has 12 months, here you have the 12 most read blog posts, in case you want to take a look:

1. Do not pay attention to party crashers, even if they are your bosses.
2. Making your job out of your passion is something I learnt from my father.
3. No strategy will become real unless you shape it from the operations.
4. What’s the fear of the companies who use fear to manage their teams?
5. The only way to manage your time is by owning again your agenda.

6. From traditional retail to phygital experience with Hernan Camps and RobinBrick.
7. Edible cutlery with Hernan Hernandez, Marta Maneja and Gloop.
8. Tracking trees real time with Mattia Curmà, Tarek Ayoub, Alexander Verresen and Forestmatic.
9. Democratising the wine world with Judit & Leti Cabana, Juan Miralles and EL VINO DEL MES.

10. Do I always recommend Kate Raworth? Yes, I do. This time, it’s her wonderful TED Talk. Economy to thrive, not to grow.
11. Kirsty Duncan and why the scientists should talk openly to boost collective intelligence.
12. John Doerr explains OKRs in 11 magnificent minutes.

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