Operational HR

This month marks the 6th anniversary of my first job as an entrepreneur, which consisted of sharing my experiences in international retail with a group of HR managers from European countries. At that round table I spent three hours explaining how my team and IREAD MORE

Rebranding HR

Some weeks ago, I accompanied a team I occasionally co-work with to introduce a project to one of their clients. The presentation was via Teams (a classic) and, to my surprise, the person who connected from the client company had the camera off during the entireREAD MORE

Conversational organisations

I remember that one of the things I had a hard time with during my corporate days was the fact of attending meetings where I (and the rest of us) had to listen to the same few voice s, so that the same kind of decisions were always taken (which made problems spiral forever).READ MORE

Performance is out

Last week I was talking to a leading company in the industry of collaborative robots (machines that work side by side with humans). Those robots take care of the repetitive tasks (the ones that are measured as “performance”) while people take care of those activities that addREAD MORE

Hologram managers

A long time ago, during a very brief period in my corporate career, I had a hologram boss. The first thing she did when she took up her new position was to move her office (“office”, what an anachronism) out of the department, away from her team, and set up on the other sideREAD MORE


A few weeks ago I read some news about a change in the board of a famous and very big company. In order to face this new “era of change” in which the organisation was going to “promote innovation more than ever”, it was decided to go clearly for the old guardREAD MORE

Press the handbrake

In this hopeless landscape where the shadow of the darkest side of the 20th century lingers beyond the business environment, there is one certain fact: society (and, consequently, any organisation, whatever its type) is made up of communities that are a mix of generationsREAD MORE

Plasterwood profiles

A couple of weeks ago, in a whatsapp group of ex-colleagues-turned-friends, we were laughing at a post on LinkedIn by a person who had worked with us and who never stood out as, shall we say, an example of what we would look for in a people & culture professional.READ MORE

Shaking 2021

Many people might say that we reached the end of this year more or less as we reached the end of last year, with very similar conversations and trending topics. However, if we zoom in on the picture, we will see that the scenario is different and the lessons learned are real.READ MORE

Conquering your agenda

At this point in the year, I can say that the most common and recurring problem I am finding in each and every organisation I interact with is one and only one: people have totally and utterly lost control of their own agendas.
I remember 5 years ago, just when I wasREAD MORE

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