Create to thrive

It is incredible that at this point there are still profiles supposedly experts in creativity and innovation that insist on wrapping both concepts in an air of mysticism and mystery, as if they were unattainable skills or only suitable for a select few who master certainREAD MORE

Passion vs Transaction

At home we are the proud owners of a 17 year old vehicle of which I will not say the brand. It is a fairly timeless model and even if no one throws its real age at it, it had to have a few aches and pains. This week it started to give some strange pullsREAD MORE


Once upon a time, there was a stuck department, and nobody knew how to solve it. The person in charge, someone who has been trusted for years, introduced their managers to different ideas to improve the situation, moaned about his/her strugglesREAD MORE

The Talent Show

One of my friends “inherited” a team a couple of years ago. It was a very diverse group (generationally speaking) of professional people who had been managed for decades by the same person. Their perspectives about their purpose and role within the organisationREAD MORE

Shaking 2019

I love to end things to start new ones. I love to look back at the completed job, to celebrate it with the ones who have been joining you along the way and then carry on building new things. December’s newsletter is a selection of 15 posts, interviews and book READ MORE

Agile is… Agile

I discovered Agile three years ago, right when I launched my entrepreneurial life. Then, just to satisfy my curiosity after so many corporate years, I explored the tech and app development ecosystem. I started to practice tools and methodologies such as Scrum and Canvas. READ MORE

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