Horizontal promotions

A few weeks ago, somebody in HR was telling me about a problem that was keeping her awake at night. Faced with the rapid growth of the company, the board had promoted their best technician to product team manager. This was someone who was operationallyREAD MORE

A clean slate

These days I’m watching Pose, an inspiring series set in New York at the end of the 80s. It tells the story of how a group at clear risk of exclusion decides to create their own code and environment, aware that the old social model prevailing at the time systematically rejectsREAD MORE

Organisational anchors

Right now we can say that all companies are reorganising departments, evolving roles and structures or redirecting projects (or all of them at the same time). While it is great to assume as business as usual a state of continuous iteration, where nothing is set in stoneREAD MORE

Sleeping with the enemy

In recent years I have been observing a curious behaviour in certain companies, especially those that are still mentally stuck in the 90s (however “digitalised” they may be). Each and every one of them embark on “brand transformation” processes only from theREAD MORE

The power of small

A couple of weeks ago, in one of my sessions, the GM of a tech company told me that her absolute priority was to keep her team to no more than 30 people in order to maintain simplicity at all levels and to leverage the full potential of her people to contribute.READ MORE

Fake organisations

A few months ago I had four hr colleagues participating at the same time in a recruitment process for the role of People Director of one of the sexy companies of the moment, you know: cool image, elegantly rebel, emerging and very promising sector. I suppose that we, HR people,READ MORE

Shaking 2022

At this point in the film, one thing is clear to me: after the logical turmoil of 2020 and 2021, we can say that 2022 has been a year to build to the new model and that in 2023 everything points to the fact that we will continue in the same vein.READ MORE

Operational HR

This month marks the 6th anniversary of my first job as an entrepreneur, which consisted of sharing my experiences in international retail with a group of HR managers from European countries. At that round table I spent three hours explaining how my team and IREAD MORE

Rebranding HR

Some weeks ago, I accompanied a team I occasionally co-work with to introduce a project to one of their clients. The presentation was via Teams (a classic) and, to my surprise, the person who connected from the client company had the camera off during the entireREAD MORE

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