Bamboo vs Steel

During these days, I am recalling the first time I visited Hong Kong. It was the year 2000 and one of the things I found more fascinating about that star-striking city where skyscrapers had their own daily light show at 8pm was, precisely, that skyscrapersREAD MORE


Teams: Castellers de Viladecans

There is a universal magic in the art of building human towers, the so-called castells. Even though this tradition was born in the eighteenth century in Camp de Tarragona, southern Catalonia,its key elements are so related to transversal core valuesREAD MORE


7 minutes with Ezequiel Sánchez

Ezequiel and I worked for the same company (but not in the same city) for many years but, believe it or not, we never met in person. It has been precisely in our entrepreneurial life that we have coincided in several projects.He is one of the few CEOs able to evolve beyond a READ MORE


The book of the month

Holacracy: The Revolutionary Management System that Abolishes Hierarchy by Brian J. Robertson
Could you imagine people who live in a city having to ask for authorisation to sit on a bench, to cross a street or to go into a shop? READ MORE


Agile killed the hierarchy star

If the founders of the Toyota Production System (TPS) have been told that the practical, logical fundamentals of their work model would have led to a concept which would become an aspirational mantra for companies, several decades after its creation,READ MORE

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