Shaking 2023

In each and every one of my projects and sessions throughout 2023 I realized something: people make things happen only when they understand the why and what for of those things and, especially, when they glimpse the impact they are going to have on their daily lives. However, in our current environment, increasingly complex and noisy, understand and rethink become verbs really difficult (but not impossible) to achieve.

It takes much more than witty LinkedIn sentences or 60-second videos to do didactics and awaken the critical thinking that makes us reconsider what surrounds us. Moreover, we do not have a surplus of time and attention span, so we do not care about long-winded lectures. Therefore, this reality creates two challenges. On the one hand, developing thoughts in the right form and measure to keep the recipient’s attention. On the other hand, creating a space of mental calm so that people can process those thoughts and decide to turn them into action (or not).  Let’s take a classic case from the organisational world: if we want to evolve, for example, our talent management model, before starting to copy-paste from other companies or buying any given software (or whatever the typical consultant or external advisor recommends) it’s compulsory to follow a specific process. First, we have to think about why what we are doing here and now is not working. Then, we have to understand the environment that existed when we started to use that tool or procedure and what impact it used to have (or not) in the organization. After that, we will check the difference regarding the current environment and its needs. Only then, having rethought the present by understanding the past and thinking about the beneficial impact we want to cause in the group of users, will it be possible to evolve the model with coherence and consistency. And, for the record, “evolving” often does not mean “creating something from scratch” o “buying a programme”, but rather using what we already have with a different perspective or applying a new narrative, which is the outcome of the process of understanding and comprehension, as we mentioned above. In other words, without understanding the why and what for, nothing consistent is generated. And this obviously applies not only to a talent management model, but to (almost) anything we consider.

So, in the next 365 days we will keep on working to ensure that evolution continues and that things really happen thanks to understanding and comprehension. Because this is the only way for people and organizations to undertake meaningful, sustainable, impactful actions.

I sincerely wish you a very healthy and thriving 2024!

And, as it is already a classic at the end of the year 😊, I leave you a summary of the 5 most read posts of 2023. Thanks a million for always being there, #ShakerCommunity!

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