Teams: Euroleague Basketball.

I must admit that before starting my collaboration with Euroleague Basketball, the only words I knew about this sport were “Final Four” and “MVP”. Now, I find it impossible to watch a game without thinking about all the hard work behind it.
Euroleague is a clear example of an organisation which is full of purpose, brave, humble and totally focused on its final user (both internal and external fans). In short, all the elements of an organisation that wants to evolve from big to better. We talk about that and much more with Neus Sin who, in the conventional world would be called a HR Senior Manager. But at Euroleague nothing is conventional …

  1. What’s Euroleague Basketball? What’s its history and purpose?

Euroleague Basketball is an organisation made of 80 people, mostly based in Barcelona. Amongst other projects,  it manages the two   European Basketball competitions of the most important clubs of the continent.
Euroleague’s history began in 2000, when the most relevant clubs chose a private management model, something very unusual at that time in European professional sport. 20 years later, here we are!
Our purpose is to manage the European basket competition supporting the clubs from all organisational perspectives: marketing, communications, operations, sales, … With the cooperation of the clubs, who are our owners, we work to make our product grow to the next level: fans community, experience, infrastructures, revenue, …

  1. What role do people play in your organisation?

People are the talent that makes Euroleague move. They are the drive, the main ingredient, the creativity, the proactivity, the personality and the energy of our company. People are Euroleague and Euroleague is its people. That was the spirit we had when we were born 20 years ago and that spirit rocks on more than ever today.

  1. How did you decide to create an HR area? What’s the role of your internal fan in the process?

The idea appears when the company, which started with an original team of 8 people in 2000, became an 80-people organisation in 2019. There was a clear necessity to nurture and developing talent which led to the creation of an area devoted to it.
Our internal fan is at the core of the HR area. In fact, our name is MVP (Making Valuable People), as our staff decided and agreed at the tip-off where we introduced the new area. MVP is entirely co-created with our final user, which means that our internal client is actively involved in shaping the department (and its tools) which supports and manages Euroleague talent.

  1. How did this philosophy impact your organisational design?

Co-creation and having a department from and for the internal fan have been happily embraced by our staff. MVP is an inclusive, diverse area constantly focused on the staff and the organisation. Canvas and scrum are tools we use very often, and they have been key when creating the foundations of MVP or when shaping, for example, our onboarding (made by our staff for our staff). We also have a very agile organisational model which reflects our culture. Euroleague is very authentic and flat, therefore our structure is not a pyramidal one, but expertise circles-shaped.

  1. What is your daily work at MVP like and who are your partners?

Days at MVP are very intense and rewarding! Since its very beginning, Euroleague Basketball has been growing and growing and this trend is even more important nowadays. That’s why our current focus is on recruitment and onboarding, since the profiles we look for are very unique.

To us at MVP, it’s key to stay open to understand every single need of our internal fans. Listening to our people, without intermediaries, and walking hand-by-hand is really inspiring, stimulating and key for the company’s strategy and operations. In fact, internal fans themselves are direct partners of MVP: a team of 7 people with different profiles and expertise levels coming from diverse areas (from communications and branding to operations, from partnerships to finances or business development) shape what we call the Foundational Team. We meet up every two weeks to share, create and agree about all the strategies, tools and actions of MVP.


I am a total fan of Euroleague Basketball! Many thanks for sharing your project with us,  Neus!

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