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Totem: Transformando clientes en creyentes. Andy Stalman.
Andy Stalman has been a regular feature on this blog and also in my projects. Since we met, right at the beginning of my stage as an entrepreneur, Andy has been a constant support in one way or another and, together with his community, a source of knowledge and inspiration. Some time ago I recommended his first book, Brandoffon  and today I recommend his third, which was published in the middle of the pandemic. In Totem: Transformando clientes en creyentes (“Totem: Transforming Customers into Believers”), Stalman builds a new roadmap for brands based on purpose, awareness, sustainability, human touch, experiences and relationships. Only through these six axes is it possible to shape relevant, memorable and transcendent brands in an environment where the patina of the transactional dangerously threatens any sector or activity. The totem remains. What is not a totem … disappears.

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