Recommendation of the Month

Oxitobrands Podcast. Marcelo Ghio.
Ten years ago, Marcelo Ghio launched his book Oxitobrands, a true manifesto about emotional branding. Nowadays, Oxitobrands is still a masterpiece to the extent that, months ago, Ghio  decided to launch Oxitobrands Podcast.READ MORE

7 minutes with Tomás Giovanetti

Tomás Giovanetti is the only person I’ve interviewed during my 4 years blogging who I’ve never met (yet) in person. Blame it to pandemics and distance. Luckily, videocalls fill this gap. He leads since 2016 The Gaming Agency (TGA),READ MORE

Software fever

During the lockdown, I’ve achieved something one year ago I couldn’t even dream of: to complete my first 100% online project with a client I never met in person before. We got to know each other thanks to a LinkedIn Live session with Toni GimenoREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month

The VICE guide to 2030. VICE Magazine.
Predictions about the future, especially the ones made by people or organisations (no matter how prestigious they are) who still represent the status quo of the 20th century, do not interest me at all.READ MORE

7 minutes with Laura Casares

It was such a thrill to get in touch again with Laura Casares after years without seeing each other. Last time we met, she was a procurement executive in a global fashion company. In 2019, Laura decided to rethink herself and she launched a project called Kasares,READ MORE

Words and actions

These days I often remember something my granny used to say: “All that glitters is not gold”. I think about that every time I read or listen the speeches some CEOs are currently offering. They talk plenty about technology, strategy and future and hardly ever about people,READ MORE

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