Recommendation of the month

The mind, explained. Netflix.
Do you need a quick, effective shower of neuroscience? Go on Netflix and click on The mind, explained. With Emma Stone as an outstanding storyteller, this miniseries reveals our brain’s behaviourREAD MORE

7 minutes with Montse Ventosa

I love eclectic profiles and Montse Ventosa is one of them. We met ages ago, just when we were cross-working at the same company. From that moment on, Montse and I have been meeting very briefly here and there. Finally, we reconnected weeks agoREAD MORE


Once upon a time, there was a stuck department, and nobody knew how to solve it. The person in charge, someone who has been trusted for years, introduced their managers to different ideas to improve the situation, moaned about his/her strugglesREAD MORE

Recommendation of the Month

Oxitobrands Podcast. Marcelo Ghio.
Ten years ago, Marcelo Ghio launched his book Oxitobrands, a true manifesto about emotional branding. Nowadays, Oxitobrands is still a masterpiece to the extent that, months ago, Ghio  decided to launch Oxitobrands Podcast.READ MORE

7 minutes with Tomás Giovanetti

Tomás Giovanetti is the only person I’ve interviewed during my 4 years blogging who I’ve never met (yet) in person. Blame it to pandemics and distance. Luckily, videocalls fill this gap. He leads since 2016 The Gaming Agency (TGA),READ MORE

Software fever

During the lockdown, I’ve achieved something one year ago I couldn’t even dream of: to complete my first 100% online project with a client I never met in person before. We got to know each other thanks to a LinkedIn Live session with Toni GimenoREAD MORE

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