Recommendation of the month

Scientists must be free to learn, to speak and to challenge. Kirsty Duncan.
In this inspiring session, scientist and professor Kirsty Duncan, Canadian Minister of Science and Sport from 2015 to 2019 and Member of the Canadian ParliamentREAD MORE

7 minutes with Forestmatic

People who know me are very aware that I am a huge fan of my students and that I love to see them thrive and move forward, making their ideas and projects a reality. Mattia Curmà and Tarek Ayoub are a very clear example of this. They were part of the class of 2020READ MORE

Starting the house from the roof

This summer I have been working on a fascinating organizational architecture case where a company, assessed by a group of “traditional” consultants, was trying to solve an operational problem by redesigning its organizational chart.READ MORE

Recommendation of the month

 Six Thinking Hats. Edward de Bono.
It was 1997, I was 25 years old and I had just joined Mango’s training team. My mission was basically to travel the world giving sessions to the sales teams. In those days, we not only talked to them about products and customerREAD MORE

7 minutes with Gloop

One day, in the middle of the pandemic, I received a Linkedin message from Hernán Hernández, a young entrepreneur about to finish his entrepreneurship & innovation studies at LEINN. He asked me for my opinion on two projects: one dedicated to the escapeREAD MORE

Create to thrive

It is incredible that at this point there are still profiles supposedly experts in creativity and innovation that insist on wrapping both concepts in an air of mysticism and mystery, as if they were unattainable skills or only suitable for a select few who master certainREAD MORE

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