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Turn the Ship Around! David Marquet. It’s not the first time I have recommended a book which, in turn, Yusuf Okucu recommended to me (Click here). Many thanks, Yusuf! Many of you know I never use the word “leadership”. It’s overused and it is often linked to the concept “managerial skills”, which reminds me of a training catalogue from the 90s. To be a leader you do not need to be a manager nor have a team.

What really interested me in Marquet’s book was precisely the fact that, to him, “leader” is the opposite to “follower”, regardless of your role or position in an organisation (in the book’s case, it’s a USA submarine). As a society (and therefore as companies), we are living through a moment where empowerment is the only way to make people contribute to make things happen. Empowerment means to take the lead to create a positive impact around us. There is no need to think about who we report to or what our job description is (here you have another 20th century concept). So, in this context, I feel comfortable using the word “leadership”.

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