Sexy boards vs Boring boards

This week I had a session with a board that made me reflect on the interactions I have been having with different boards of directors over these years as an entrepreneur. In a 100% empirical way, I have created my own non-academic nomenclature to classifyREAD MORE


Passion vs Transaction

At home we are the proud owners of a 17 year old vehicle of which I will not say the brand. It is a fairly timeless model and even if no one throws its real age at it, it had to have a few aches and pains. This week it started to give some strange pullsREAD MORE



Once upon a time, there was a stuck department, and nobody knew how to solve it. The person in charge, someone who has been trusted for years, introduced their managers to different ideas to improve the situation, moaned about his/her strugglesREAD MORE


Words and actions

These days I often remember something my granny used to say: “All that glitters is not gold”. I think about that every time I read or listen the speeches some CEOs are currently offering. They talk plenty about technology, strategy and future and hardly ever about people,READ MORE


Seizing the momentum

Most of the projects I am currently working on refer to organisational architecture. The more companies I know, the more convinced I am that the real company is not the one showed by its official organisational chart. Organicsations have a life of their ownREAD MORE


From the inside

Last week I read this insightful article (many thanks for sharing, José Miguel Moreiro!) where INSEAD’s Organisational Behaviour Professor Li Huang explained how uncomfortable scenarios stimulate creativity. Human beings, used to our famous comfort zone,READ MORE


Bamboo vs Steel

During these days, I am recalling the first time I visited Hong Kong. It was the year 2000 and one of the things I found more fascinating about that star-striking city where skyscrapers had their own daily light show at 8pm was, precisely, that skyscrapersREAD MORE


The Talent Show

One of my friends “inherited” a team a couple of years ago. It was a very diverse group (generationally speaking) of professional people who had been managed for decades by the same person. Their perspectives about their purpose and role within the organisationREAD MORE


Now that we found love …

During the winter holidays I met up with one of my best friends, who has been living abroad since 2012. After 20 years of service in the same company, he decided to resign in November. Last week, he made a fresh start with a new professional life at an iconic brandREAD MORE


Shaking 2019

I love to end things to start new ones. I love to look back at the completed job, to celebrate it with the ones who have been joining you along the way and then carry on building new things. December’s newsletter is a selection of 15 posts, interviews and book READ MORE

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