7 minutes with Silvia Fradera

Silvia and I met about five years ago in the HR community led by Sylvia Taudien. At that time, we had just left our corporate positions behind and were just starting out in entrepreneurship. We are united not only by our work experience in corporate and our entrepreneurial lifeREAD MORE


7 minutes with Montse Ventosa

I love eclectic profiles and Montse Ventosa is one of them. We met ages ago, just when we were cross-working at the same company. From that moment on, Montse and I have been meeting very briefly here and there. Finally, we reconnected weeks agoREAD MORE


Last night a freelance saved my life

It is puzzling that the first reaction most companies have when they detect internal weaknesses or challenges (poor results, lack of knowledge, a need to be more efficient etc.) is to add more management levels. If the company is a hierarchy, the model remains. READ MORE


I rethink, therefore I am

In August 2011 I was in Washington on academic business. One evening, together with some class mates, we decided to take a taxi to go to have dinner.  We were discussing one of the topics of the day: entrepreneurship.READ MORE

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