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The mind, explained. Netflix.
Do you need a quick, effective shower of neuroscience? Go on Netflix and click on The mind, explained. With Emma Stone as an outstanding storyteller, this miniseries reveals our brain’s behaviour in 5 20-minute episodes. Their structure, storytelling, pace, aesthetics and the way the content is delivered is perfection, so you will probably end up watching more than one episode in a row.

Testimonials in The mind, explained are not just scientists who master the subject. Throughout the series we will meet: a Buddhist monk explaining the benefits of meditation, a comedian sharing her struggles with anxiety, a memory contest champion showcasing her tips and Mick Jagger confessing “I can’t get no (satisfaction)” was born in a dream, amongst others. We will also discover that Nixon banished medical research on LSD, not because it was hazardous for humans, but because he linked it to a counter-culture that could endanger his political interests. The thread of the plot is, of course, the human brain, that part of our body commanding everything we do. You will like it.

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