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Oxitobrands Podcast. Marcelo Ghio.
Ten years ago, Marcelo Ghio launched his book Oxitobrands, a true manifesto about emotional branding. Nowadays, Oxitobrands is still a masterpiece to the extent that, months ago, Ghio  decided to launch Oxitobrands Podcast. It is a true gem where history, science, art, music and education dance with people and brands generating a unique Biobranding universe. Biobranding is the concept created by Ghio to appoint the biochemical bond between brands, people and environment which leads to sustainable affective relationships. Apart from the delightful contents, there is something hypnotic in Marcelo Ghio’s storytelling that makes time fly in every chapter and invites the listener to think deeply. Food for thoughts, but also for your soul. You can listen Oxitobrands Podcast here:, Breaker Audio, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic o Spotify.

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