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The VICE guide to 2030. VICE Magazine.
Predictions about the future, especially the ones made by people or organisations (no matter how prestigious they are) who still represent the status quo of the 20th century, do not interest me at all. This is why this document, that Mireia Martin recommended, is something totally different. VICE Magazine published The VICE guide to 2030  which is introduced with the following statement: “The next-best thing to being able to predict the future is listening to those who will shape it”. This online guide gathers the opinion of thousands of GenZ individuals and it is must-read regarding what are the current thoughts of people between the ages of 16 and 22 (who will be the main generation in 2030) about work, education, activism, well-being, identity or spirituality.
Future is not to be built according to theories which rocked the world decades ago because, simply, our current scenario left that world behind. Nowadays “adult” generations must make a big effort and realise that, most probably, the ones creating the theories that will rule the world in the next decade, today are just celebrating their 20th birthday.

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