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 Six Thinking Hats. Edward de Bono.
It was 1997, I was 25 years old and I had just joined Mango’s training team. My mission was basically to travel the world giving sessions to the sales teams. In those days, we not only talked to them about products and customer service ceremonies (which was what was in vogue in those days when “experiences” were not yet spoken of), but we also introduced elements of positive thinking and personal development. This is how I first came to know Edward de Bono’s ideas, since the 5-finger theory he explains in his book The Positive Revolution was part of the sessions we shared with the store teams. In hindsight, running this type of course in that particular industry seems to me to be very innovative at the time.

Today, to celebrate diverse thinking, specific curiosity and critical spirit, so essential in the world we live in, I would like to recommend an iconic work by this recently deceased author. Six Thinking Hats, written in 1985 and later turned into a method, is so human and essential that today, so many years later, it is still an inspiring and very useful reading to learn how to make collective decisions in a respectful and drama-free way. As the author himself once said: “We can be sure of one thing: The quality of our life in the future will be determined by the quality of our thinking”. “Colorful” thinking will undoubtedly help us to navigate successfully in these polyhedral environments in which we live.

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