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Why the secret to success is setting the right goals. John Doerr.
I am fascinated by the epicness that surrounds something as straightforward and clear as the OKR model. And, even more so, that it is considered a novelty (considering that it is an idea from the 70s). Be that as it may, and as with the Agile concept, it is a relief to see how little by little we are embracing simple and effective models and leaving behind the ultra-sophisticated tools of the 90s, which are impossible to maintain nowadays.

Seeing John Doerr himself explaining what the real focus of the OKR method is in this 11-minute TED Talk is a call to action to keep it simple at all costs. Let’s repeat this mantra: the most rocambolesque tools are not the most professional (nor the most useful, of course). Let’s be wary of those who try to make the easy difficult.

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