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Lovemarks, the future beyond brands. Kevin Rogers. I couldn’t say which page of this iconic book written by Kevin Rogers (who led Saatchi&Saatchi until 2016) moves me the most. It’s one of the quintessential marketing best-sellers with a message that goes beyond its expertise area. According to Rogers, brands are concerned about cutting information clutter, fostering meaningful connections with the consumer, creating integrated experiences, engaging people and making the world a better place. Which, in fact, are the same questions that a company faces today. So, Lovemarks is much more than a book describing how a brand can become relevant through the emotion it awakes. It is also a book we can take as inspiration to project how organisations should think nowadays. If we want our company to become a lovemark for its internal customer, it’s not a matter of methodologies, graphs or organisational charts inspired by the 20th century, but by staying close to the internal client to achieve a real emotional connection.

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