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Deconstruyendo la felicidad. Margarita Álvarez. Writing a book was the only thing without a “tick” on Margarita Alvarez’s bucket list and, voilà, here it is! If you are a sceptic, do not be misled by the title: this is not a self-help book which promises you will reach nirvana when you turn the last page. Deconstruyendo la felicidad (“Deconstructing Happiness”) is a practical approach about happiness written by an expert who has been working for years on this concept from every single perspective: psychologically, physiologically, socially, philosophically,… Margarita Álvarez talks about the Pygmalion effect, about gratitude, about Bhutan, about vital purpose and even about the Pemberton index. She covers all the relevant names in the world of happiness: from Aristotle to Lyubomirsky, from Seligman to Chris Gardner (who signed the book’s epilogue). It doesn’t matter if you are rational or emotional, introvert or extrovert: you will find your own version of what happiness is in some of this book’s pages.

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