7 minutes with Mireia Vidal

Mireia Vidal is the HR Director of L’Oreal Spain, where she started as a Digital Talent Manager. She previously contributed to exciting projects such as Google’s development or to the international expansion of Almirall, the Spanish Pharma company. Her global expertise (both geographic and industrywise) results in a unique, versatile profile for Mireia, which is very unusual in HR.

We first met during an interview when I had just left my last company and was thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. Today I have the pleasure of working with Mireia’s organisation in a very inspiring HR Consumerization project.

Which are the common points shared by beauty (L’Oreal), technology (Google) and pharma (Almirall) companies?
In all cases, talented people are the ones changing the game. To understand what beauty is and how to work with it, we need talent. To find the right tech product to meet final user needs, we need talent. To develop the medical solutions people will need in the future, we need talent. There is no doubt about that.

How do we startup a big company?
First and essential: create agile procedures and make sure your coworkers have all the right tools which help them to do a quick, agile, effective job. On the other hand, it is crucial to hire intrapreneur profiles, full of drive and able to quickly develop procedures and systems to reach the goals. A big organisation has to behave as a start-up. We invest in beauty start-ups with our Connected Beauty Incubator and we cooperate with the biggest start-up campus, Station F. We also partner with venture capital funds such as Partech and Founders Factory.

How can different brands with different DNAs mingle in a transversal corporate framework?
By strategically moving from hard to soft. To start with, by setting clear common business goals for everyone, working transversally is essential. Then we identify specific behaviors which are universal in all divisions. For example, at L’Oreal, cooperation is the main aim for us all in 2018. So we foster cooperative actions with 360 appraisals monitoring the top contributors in this sense, who receive special recognition. Cooperation and integration-based behaviors are a must in our organisation.

What can we do to make sure that HR always appears in a company’s decision-taking processes?
Having a HR team with extraordinary talents is essential/a must, as well as professionals who are keen on finding out what is going on out there. HR has to be a game changer, anticipating, seeing what others do and going beyond current needs. It’s about keeping a non-conformist attitude, even if the picture is perfect. Those HRs are open innovators with developed business acumen skills. It’s very exciting to work like that.

Which is your favourite step in a company’s lifecycle: starting-up, development, consolidation or reinvention?
Definitely, starting-up. L’Oréal is the perfect company to work if you have a start-up mindset.

Is there a specific HR profile you always have in your teams?
Profilewise, I always count on intrapreneurial personalities. Thinking about specific roles, Talent Acquisition will always be a priority, since this is the only way we can welcome talent into the organisation. If this step doesn’t work well, the organisation collapses. Good profiles make the difference.

Which are your trending topics for 2018?
Multigenerational teams, e-beauty, diversity, agility & love company.

Many thanks for inspiring us, Mireia!

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