7 minutes with Forestmatic

People who know me are very aware that I am a huge fan of my students and that I love to see them thrive and move forward, making their ideas and projects a reality. Mattia Curmà and Tarek Ayoub are a very clear example of this. They were part of the class of 2020READ MORE

7 minutes with Gloop

One day, in the middle of the pandemic, I received a Linkedin message from Hernán Hernández, a young entrepreneur about to finish his entrepreneurship & innovation studies at LEINN. He asked me for my opinion on two projects: one dedicated to the escapeREAD MORE

Bamboo vs Steel

During these days, I am recalling the first time I visited Hong Kong. It was the year 2000 and one of the things I found more fascinating about that star-striking city where skyscrapers had their own daily light show at 8pm was, precisely, that skyscrapersREAD MORE

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