7 minutes with Montse Ventosa

I love eclectic profiles and Montse Ventosa is one of them. We met ages ago, just when we were cross-working at the same company. From that moment on, Montse and I have been meeting very briefly here and there. Finally, we reconnected weeks agoREAD MORE


7 minutes with Laura Casares

It was such a thrill to get in touch again with Laura Casares after years without seeing each other. Last time we met, she was a procurement executive in a global fashion company. In 2019, Laura decided to rethink herself and she launched a project called Kasares,READ MORE


Shared dreams

I must admit. Usually, I have a lack of faith in GMs. Most of them live isolated in their strategy bubble, talking from time to time with those dealing with tactics and hardly ever with operations. In fact, I truly believe that real change in an organisation READ MORE


Teams: The Marlowe Team

The history of the cocktail bar Marlowe (24 Rec Street, BCN) told by the team who bring it to life every day is a fascinating reinvention case of a business model from respecting its legacy and authenticity. Adrià, Aleksandra, Jordi, Lorenzo, Marc and Pere (in alphabetical order) write READ MORE


“We are very special here”

There’s a sentence the vast majority of companies say at any given moment during my first visit: “We are very special here” or also “this company is totally different”. It doesn’t matter the size of the organisation, its country or industry type. This sentence is always the READ MORE


The community-team

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a bunch of very dear friends with whom I built a community-team in my last corporate experience. It’s been more than two years since our “formal” team disappeared. None of us work anymore in the company where we met.READ MORE


Book of the month

Onward: How Starbucks fought for its life without losing its soul. Howard Schultz & Joanne Gordon.
Today I read that Howard Schultz is definitely stepping down from his front position at Starbucks to take a role with a different scope. READ MORE

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