Recommendation of the month

Totem: Transformando clientes en creyentes. Andy Stalman.
Andy Stalman has been a regular feature on this blog and also in my projects. Since we met, right at the beginning of my stage as an entrepreneur, Andy has been a constantREAD MORE


7 minutes with Noan Drinkswater

As a big fan of authenticity and Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, I get excited every time I see a person whose activity is aligned with their natural talents. It is then that we see that human beings are capable of doing wonderful things in any disciplineREAD MORE


Passion vs Transaction

At home we are the proud owners of a 17 year old vehicle of which I will not say the brand. It is a fairly timeless model and even if no one throws its real age at it, it had to have a few aches and pains. This week it started to give some strange pullsREAD MORE


7 minutes with José Antonio Pérez

Josiño (which is the “real” name of José Antonio Pérez Seoane) is the Head of Training & Development at Hijos de Rivera (also known as Estrella Galicia). We met many years ago, when we worked in the same company. Since that day, we have done many projects togetherREAD MORE



I met the EL VINO DEL MES (in capital letters) team at a talk this autumn organised by Ladies, Wine & Design and thanks to Liza Lamas, a digital marketing crack. Women in the world of wine captivate me automatically because I still see them as pioneersREAD MORE


The culture of the minimum effort

A few weeks ago I was hanging out in a coffee shop before teaching a session. It was mid-morning on an ordinary day and it was very quiet. Two very friendly and energetic associates were at the counter serving customers, most of whom were orderingREAD MORE



Fortunately, in my academic and work life I have encountered only two partycrashers. One was my high school French teacher who told me that “if I kept going like this” (I never knew what “like this” meant) I would never make the grade to get into my dream college career.READ MORE


7 minutes with Montse Ventosa

I love eclectic profiles and Montse Ventosa is one of them. We met ages ago, just when we were cross-working at the same company. From that moment on, Montse and I have been meeting very briefly here and there. Finally, we reconnected weeks agoREAD MORE


7 minutes with Laura Casares

It was such a thrill to get in touch again with Laura Casares after years without seeing each other. Last time we met, she was a procurement executive in a global fashion company. In 2019, Laura decided to rethink herself and she launched a project called Kasares,READ MORE


Shared dreams

I must admit. Usually, I have a lack of faith in GMs. Most of them live isolated in their strategy bubble, talking from time to time with those dealing with tactics and hardly ever with operations. In fact, I truly believe that real change in an organisation READ MORE

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