Sexy boards vs Boring boards

This week I had a session with a board that made me reflect on the interactions I have been having with different boards of directors over these years as an entrepreneur. In a 100% empirical way, I have created my own non-academic nomenclature to classifyREAD MORE


Shared dreams

I must admit. Usually, I have a lack of faith in GMs. Most of them live isolated in their strategy bubble, talking from time to time with those dealing with tactics and hardly ever with operations. In fact, I truly believe that real change in an organisation READ MORE


Frugality & Organisations

Every new season means a change of wardrobe. It’s the time of the year when I open the doors of my closet, take all my clothes out and organise them into two different piles: a pile to keep for next year and a pile to pass down to my auntie (she started to ask one month ago READ MORE

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