Reaching out

It was 1998. I was working at Mango and I had just been promoted to International Trainer. I was 24 and nothing could excite me more than grabbing my suitcase (I have the same feeling 20 years later) and travelling the world training the sales teams at the peak of the brand’s READ MORE

Agile Rewards

I am definitely not an expert in C&B, but I have been (and still am) lucky to find Rewards specialists who made (and make) my life much easier and my teams’ bandings a lot sexier. Working with compensation professionals who rapidly assume what the business needs are READ MORE

Sexy HR

In my professional activity as a Shaker, I have the chance to mingle with plenty of HR colleagues who work in different specialities and industries. Regardless of the size of their companies, they all share the same concerns: appraisal forms which nobody wants READ MORE

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