Create to thrive

It is incredible that at this point there are still profiles supposedly experts in creativity and innovation that insist on wrapping both concepts in an air of mysticism and mystery, as if they were unattainable skills or only suitable for a select few who master certainREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month

Pasión por innovar. F. Ponti & X. Ferràs.
This book was written in 2006 and I did read it on 2008. Back to that time, companies did not have transformation offices, nobody bought “cultural change” projects  and the words “innovation”, “disruption” or “transformation”READ MORE

7 minutes with Edel Devora

Edel Devora is a very unusual profile: he combines an extraordinary creative spirit with a unique talent to consolidate teams. Visual & Art Director and Offline Time Experience genius, Edel is also an expert in art exhibitions. His visual storytelling (when creatingREAD MORE

From the inside

Last week I read this insightful article (many thanks for sharing, José Miguel Moreiro!) where INSEAD’s Organisational Behaviour Professor Li Huang explained how uncomfortable scenarios stimulate creativity. Human beings, used to our famous comfort zone,READ MORE

Book of the Month

Extraordinary Minds: Portraits of 4 Exceptional Individuals And An Examination of Our Own Extraordinariness. Howard Gardner. I’ve been an absolute fan of Howard Gardner and his multiple intelligences theory since the beginning of time. “Frames of Mind” is READ MORE

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