Epic vs Clarity

A couple of weeks ago, preparing some material for a storytelling session, I re-watched some episodes of Game of Thrones, a true narrative gem. In the story told by the series, the main dynasties of a faraway land are mired in several intrigues and sagnant battlesREAD MORE


Once upon a time, there was a stuck department, and nobody knew how to solve it. The person in charge, someone who has been trusted for years, introduced their managers to different ideas to improve the situation, moaned about his/her strugglesREAD MORE

Words and actions

These days I often remember something my granny used to say: “All that glitters is not gold”. I think about that every time I read or listen the speeches some CEOs are currently offering. They talk plenty about technology, strategy and future and hardly ever about people,READ MORE

Agile is… Agile

I discovered Agile three years ago, right when I launched my entrepreneurial life. Then, just to satisfy my curiosity after so many corporate years, I explored the tech and app development ecosystem. I started to practice tools and methodologies such as Scrum and Canvas. READ MORE

Book of the Month

21 lessons for the 21st century. Yuval Noah Harari. This is not the first time I have recommended Harari (click here) and most likely it will not be the last. The author’s first sentence in the book’s introduction says it all: “In a world flooded with irrelevant information, READ MORE

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