7 minutes with Edel Devora

Edel Devora is a very unusual profile: he combines an extraordinary creative spirit with a unique talent to consolidate teams. Visual & Art Director and Offline Time Experience genius, Edel is also an expert in art exhibitions. His visual storytelling (when creatingREAD MORE

From the inside

Last week I read this insightful article (many thanks for sharing, José Miguel Moreiro!) where INSEAD’s Organisational Behaviour Professor Li Huang explained how uncomfortable scenarios stimulate creativity. Human beings, used to our famous comfort zone,READ MORE

Book of the Month

 Remote: Office not required. Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.
This month I could nothing but recommend one of the books of my hyperadmired Jason Fried. Remote: Office not required has been co-written with his partner,READ MORE

7 minutes with Lucas Morera

I met Lucas  4 years ago, right when he was just stepping into his position as Retail, People & Culture Manager at Brownie, the brand founded by his parents. Thanks to Lucas I discovered my now admired Zygmunt Bauman and I had the chance to knowREAD MORE

Bamboo vs Steel

During these days, I am recalling the first time I visited Hong Kong. It was the year 2000 and one of the things I found more fascinating about that star-striking city where skyscrapers had their own daily light show at 8pm was, precisely, that skyscrapersREAD MORE

Book of the month

Liquid Fear. Zygmunt Bauman.
It’s not the first time I have recommended Bauman. Liquid Life was the first book I read from this influential thinker who, in my opinion, is unique at describing the famous VUCA world we all talk about.READ MORE

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