7 minutes with Laura Casares

It was such a thrill to get in touch again with Laura Casares after years without seeing each other. Last time we met, she was a procurement executive in a global fashion company. In 2019, Laura decided to rethink herself and she launched a project called Kasares,READ MORE

Words and actions

These days I often remember something my granny used to say: “All that glitters is not gold”. I think about that every time I read or listen the speeches some CEOs are currently offering. They talk plenty about technology, strategy and future and hardly ever about people,READ MORE

Recommendation of the month

The Last Dance. ESPN.
By the end of the 90s I was just beginning my career in the fashion business and my head was literally at odds with what was happening in the American basketball arenas. But when three people whose opinion is very valuableREAD MORE

7 minutes with Gerard Plans

There’s a generation of software experts who co-create tools with their final users and are obsessed with offering relevant products which make operations nimbler. I am very lucky to know one of them, Gerard Plans. He masters .NET, the Microsoft platformREAD MORE

Seizing the momentum

Most of the projects I am currently working on refer to organisational architecture. The more companies I know, the more convinced I am that the real company is not the one showed by its official organisational chart. Organicsations have a life of their ownREAD MORE

Book of the month

The life-changing magic of tidying up. The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. Marie Kondo.
One year ago, I posted this article where I talked about embracing frugality when designing organisational structures.READ MORE

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