7 minutes with Nurses CSI

I  know Iolanda Núñez since our pre-school times. We have been classroom mates throughout primary education and during our high school years. I can then confirm that, from all the interviews in this blog, this is my oldest relationship.READ MORE

The map is not the territory

Recently I’ve been working on a project with a company which evolved from being a division to becoming a standing alone organisation. The most immediate impact of the change of model can be easily seen on the way the business is re-organisedREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month.

 High Score. Netflix.
Since I met Tom Giovanetti and his project TGA (The Gaming Agency), I see games everywhere and I dream about turning all processes into games. Maybe that is the reason why I really enjoyed High Score (2020).READ MORE

7 minutes with Adrià Sánchez&Ivan Ruiz

Adrià and Ivan are the professionals that, together with Bernat Galindo, made come true a project that was in my head since I became an entrepreneur, 4 years ago: to create my own talent app, Talent Tracker by Emma Giner.
I met Adrià years ago in a different settingREAD MORE

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

I guess we have all been (or still are) in a relationship (friendship also counts). Regardless of how good we are at it, we all know how to lay foundations to build and grow a relationship (or not). Imagine this scene: once a year, you and your partner sit togetherREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month

The mind, explained. Netflix.
Do you need a quick, effective shower of neuroscience? Go on Netflix and click on The mind, explained. With Emma Stone as an outstanding storyteller, this miniseries reveals our brain’s behaviourREAD MORE

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