The culture of the minimum effort

A few weeks ago I was hanging out in a coffee shop before teaching a session. It was mid-morning on an ordinary day and it was very quiet. Two very friendly and energetic associates were at the counter serving customers, most of whom were orderingREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month

The new new product development game. Hirotaka Takeuchi & Ikujiro Nonaka.
This paper, originally published in 1986 and that HBR offers in its digital version has an incredible significance, since in it Takeuchi and Nonaka laid the foundations of ScrumREAD MORE

7 minutes with Hernán Camps

As all real retailers eventually meet in life, it was clear that Hernán and I would meet sooner or later. It was in the spring of 2019 (although it seems like much longer, to be honest), just when his RobinBrick project was starting to grow.READ MORE


Fortunately, in my academic and work life I have encountered only two partycrashers. One was my high school French teacher who told me that “if I kept going like this” (I never knew what “like this” meant) I would never make the grade to get into my dream college career.READ MORE

Shaking 2020

On December the 30th 2019, right one year ago, I recorded my first video masterclass in Spanish. In my canvas for the first half of 2020, I’ve just decided (after a deep consideration) to launch an online version of my product. This was a big step for my business modelREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month

Pasión por innovar. F. Ponti & X. Ferràs.
This book was written in 2006 and I did read it on 2008. Back to that time, companies did not have transformation offices, nobody bought “cultural change” projects  and the words “innovation”, “disruption” or “transformation”READ MORE

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