Book of the month

Reinventing Organizations. Frederic Laloux. In Frederic Laloux’s Linkedin’s descriptor you can read: “(living life without a job title)”. Like this, between brackets. And this is a sign of what you are going to find in his book. For everyonee who, like me, believes that READ MORE

The Shakers Club

I am sure in a former life I was a marketer. That’s why I am so delighted to see that HR and marketing finally go hand in hand in today’s organisations. We just have to take a look: Marketing is the company talking to the external customer and HR is READ MORE

Intrapreneur / Entrepreneur

I am celebrating my first anniversary as an entrepreneur after more than 20 years of the corporate life. It may be that you are an entrepreneur or that you are thinking about becoming one. Maybe neither of these realities are relevant to you and you are happy READ MORE

The Honest Customer Experience

As a retailer, I am still very impressed about real and authentic examples of customer experience. As a People expert, a professional who achieves such an impact on me not only impresses me, but it deeply moves me. And I’ve got recently the chance to experienceREAD MORE

The honest employee experience

I’m always inspired when I see how companies introduce employee experience in their routines. One of the most evident impacts is the adaptation of the workplace (we have all seen and/or used the same images in our conferences or lectures).READ MORE

“Experience on Board of Directors”

Throughout my career, I’ve seen thousands of job ads with the sentence “Experience on Board of Directors is a must”. Years ago, this concept was totally irrelevant to me, but today, on the crest of the wave of organisational transformation, it is rather shocking to useREAD MORE

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