Create to thrive

It is incredible that at this point there are still profiles supposedly experts in creativity and innovation that insist on wrapping both concepts in an air of mysticism and mystery, as if they were unattainable skills or only suitable for a select few who master certainREAD MORE

Recommendation of the Month

Why the secret to success is setting the right goals. John Doerr.
I am fascinated by the epicness that surrounds something as straightforward and clear as the OKR model. And, even more so, that it is considered a noveltyREAD MORE

7 minutes with Silvia Fradera

Silvia and I met about five years ago in the HR community led by Sylvia Taudien. At that time, we had just left our corporate positions behind and were just starting out in entrepreneurship. We are united not only by our work experience in corporate and our entrepreneurial lifeREAD MORE

Sexy boards vs Boring boards

This week I had a session with a board that made me reflect on the interactions I have been having with different boards of directors over these years as an entrepreneur. In a 100% empirical way, I have created my own non-academic nomenclature to classifyREAD MORE

Recommendation of the month

Totem: Transformando clientes en creyentes. Andy Stalman.
Andy Stalman has been a regular feature on this blog and also in my projects. Since we met, right at the beginning of my stage as an entrepreneur, Andy has been a constantREAD MORE

7 minutes with Noan Drinkswater

As a big fan of authenticity and Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, I get excited every time I see a person whose activity is aligned with their natural talents. It is then that we see that human beings are capable of doing wonderful things in any disciplineREAD MORE

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