Book of the month

Brandoffon. Andy Stalman. It is the first time I can personally interview the writer of the book I have recommended in this newsletter. So, this is a very special issue! Like a lot of us, I love reading books that make me feel positive and optimistic once I have turned READ MORE

8 minutes with Andy Stalman

Andy Stalman is a XXI century humanist. He is one of the best known branding and communication experts and writer of the best-sellers Brandoffon and Humanoffon. He has a very positive, hopeful approach regarding humanization in digital times. He was born in READ MORE

Agile killed the hierarchy star

If the founders of the Toyota Production System (TPS) have been told that the practical, logical fundamentals of their work model would have led to a concept which would become an aspirational mantra for companies, several decades after its creation,READ MORE

Book of the month

Liquid life. Zygmunt Bauman. At first sight, “Liquid life” is a little booklet, an essay, but its content is so profound that each page is worth 30. Lucas Morera, Head of Retail, Talent & Culture in the Barcelona-based fashion brand Brownie, recommended this book READ MORE

7 minutes with Mireia Vidal

Mireia Vidal is the HR Director of L’Oreal Spain, where she started as a Digital Talent Manager. She previously contributed to exciting projects such as Google’s development or to the international expansion of Almirall, the Spanish Pharma company. Her global expertise READ MORE

Measuring or developing?

One of the most common reasons why my clients first contact me is because they are having trouble trying to create their talent pool. They all have sophisticated, well structured, competence-based appraisal forms. In most cases, they have also invested in software, READ MORE

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