Book of the month

The Servant. James C. Hunter. Today I’m in a revival mood. The Servant was one of the first management stories I read, more than 20 years ago. Last month, in my interview to David Cantallops (click here), we discussed this book, which for years I recommended over and over READ MORE

7 minutes with Carlos Ferrando

Knowing an organisation with purpose from the inside is something that really inspires me. If the founder himself is the one telling its history, the brand becomes something human. Carlos Ferrando is alma pater and CEO of CLOSCA ( CLOSCA is much READ MORE

Power, affiliation, achievement

I must say I am a lucky entrepreneur since all my months are very busy (touch wood!), but July has been even more intense with plenty of last minute projects. Most of them were new clients who wanted to introduce a project to their board of directors to start right after READ MORE

The Book of the month

The secret of the highly creative thinker. How to make connections others don’t. Dorte Nielsen & Sarah Thurber. I would never recommend a “method”, I’ve never liked them. But “The secret of the highly creative thinker” is different. READ MORE

7 minutes with David Cantallops

David Cantallops is the People Dept Director at Uterqüe, the premium brand of the Inditex group. We met in 2002 when we worked at Massimo Dutti, where he was Logistics HR Manager and I was Training & Development Manager. Since then, we have always worked READ MORE

Agile Rewards

I am definitely not an expert in C&B, but I have been (and still am) lucky to find Rewards specialists who made (and make) my life much easier and my teams’ bandings a lot sexier. Working with compensation professionals who rapidly assume what the business needs are READ MORE

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