The book of the month

Holacracy: The Revolutionary Management System that Abolishes Hierarchy by Brian J. Robertson
Could you imagine people who live in a city having to ask for authorisation to sit on a bench, to cross a street or to go into a shop? READ MORE

7 Minutes with Margarita Álvarez

‘But… you’ve never met Margarita?’ I was asked this question repeatedly in several conversations. Until the time when we were—finally—both speakers at this event (link to ). And then I thought: ‘Why on earth have I never met her before?’If you Google her, Marga’s READ MORE

Reaching out

It was 1998. I was working at Mango and I had just been promoted to International Trainer. I was 24 and nothing could excite me more than grabbing my suitcase (I have the same feeling 20 years later) and travelling the world training the sales teams at the peak of the brand’s READ MORE

Book of the Month

Extraordinary Minds: Portraits of 4 Exceptional Individuals And An Examination of Our Own Extraordinariness. Howard Gardner. I’ve been an absolute fan of Howard Gardner and his multiple intelligences theory since the beginning of time. “Frames of Mind” is READ MORE

7 minutes with Sylvia Taudien

Sylvia Taudien is one of the top Superwomen I have ever met. Born in Cologne, she has set roots in Barcelona more than 20 years ago. An expert in Marketing, in 2003 Sylvia founded Advantage Consultores, an international Boutique Consulting which supports the most relevant companies throughout the talent READ MORE


My 4-year-old daughter loves to visit the Science Museum. Her favourite experiment is a big glass cube with sand at the bottom reproducing the behaviour of the sea bedding when seismic movement occurs. This experiment is called “Uncertainty”. The descriptive panel by the experiment READ MORE

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