The Book of the Month

Who rules the world? Noam Chomsky. I have a degree in Translation & Interpretation and the first time I heard about Chomsky was on the topic of Linguistics Applied to Translation. Later, I discovered a new Chomsky: the one who, departing from linguistics,READ MORE

7 minutes with Andrea Vilallonga

I first met Andrea Vilallonga after a flight to Seville. It was September 2018 and we were both speakers at the same event. We sat together on the shuttle bus which took us to our hotel and, when we reached our destination, everybody thought we were old READ MORE

Book of the month

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. Yuval Noah Harari. Now more than ever before, we need to re-focus to assess what’s the place we, humans, take in history and in our planet’s future. Sapiens is an exciting humility lesson (can a humility lesson be exciting? READ MORE

Teams: The Marlowe Team

The history of the cocktail bar Marlowe (24 Rec Street, BCN) told by the team who bring it to life every day is a fascinating reinvention case of a business model from respecting its legacy and authenticity. Adrià, Aleksandra, Jordi, Lorenzo, Marc and Pere (in alphabetical order) write READ MORE

Goodbye, 360

A couple of months ago, a person I know extremely well, both professionally and personally, asked me if I could participate in her 360 appraisal, which is a common annual procedure at her company (a megacorporation) for the whole managerial READ MORE

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