Book of the month

Rework. Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson.Have you ever read a book and feel so in sync with the author that you agree with him/her out loud when you read specific sentences that move you? This happens to me with Rework. Well, it is also true that I am a big READ MORE

7 minutes with Ezequiel Sánchez

Ezequiel and I worked for the same company (but not in the same city) for many years but, believe it or not, we never met in person. It has been precisely in our entrepreneurial life that we have coincided in several projects.He is one of the few CEOs able to evolve beyond a READ MORE

One less brick in the wall

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter literally took me to the NAT, our city’s Natural History Museum. There was a very interesting video projection about the human brain in the area devoted to the evolution of mammals. It was called “How many friends can I have?”. READ MORE

The book of the month

Lovemarks, the future beyond brands. Kevin Rogers. I couldn’t say which page of this iconic book written by Kevin Rogers (who led Saatchi&Saatchi until 2016) moves me the most. It’s one of the quintessential marketing best-sellers with a message that goes READ MORE

7 minutes with Ricardo Bacchini

Ricardo Bacchini is the most eclectic, versatile HR director I’ve ever met. He has led the HR team of the Volkswagen Group España Distribución since 2014 and has developed his HR career within companies such as Unilever or Bombardier. Beyond his corporate role, READ MORE

Shared dreams

I must admit. Usually, I have a lack of faith in GMs. Most of them live isolated in their strategy bubble, talking from time to time with those dealing with tactics and hardly ever with operations. In fact, I truly believe that real change in an organisation READ MORE

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