Emma’s Way

My methodology is based on the fact that everyone has a special side which positively contributes to the benefit of an organisation.

Using Marketing’s 4Ps and focused on our customer’s authenticity, we will develop a unique way to inspire, guide and bring out the best in everyone.

Positively shaking an organisation is not as difficult as it seems. It is only about finding the format which best fits with what you need.


From inside or outside of the organisation, you choose. We walk toghether through design, implementation and the multiple action learning process.

HR Directors / Managers mentoring, organisational architecture, agile workflows, devicing new departments, new product creation methodologies, …

We work together and I will be by your side until we have made sure that what we’ve created together, works in a sustainable way.

One Shot

Very often, the positive shake you are looking for means something that has a quick, high impact. The session is totally customized in length (from 30 minutes to 16 hours) and format (conference, round table, workshop or hackathon)

Agile HR, Scrum-based HR product development, Customer Experience through People, Inspiring diverse teams, Rebranding HR, …

One Shot might be the beginning of something new. Always focused on sharing and creating experiences from the original experience.


I love to keep tools and procedures simple. User centered apps are the ideal response to replace rigid solutions which put limits on your daily operations.

Try Track The Talent if you need to get rid of an old appraisal tool which never contributed to creating a growth culture in your organisation.

Or have a look at Learning TV if you are looking for a tool to inspire co-creation and team cooperation to achieve a more authentic social learning tool, which goes beyond boring corporate products.

Or tell me what do you need and we will create your app together.


I am glad to contribute as a lecturer in Retail Master organized by Talentiam.

In my People & Organisation module, I share my experience in developing multicultural teams and creating an agile talent management culture, which is sustainable, human centered and result oriented. Always from a practical perspective.

Because, all in all, agile HR is for everyone.

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