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Working Identity. Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing your Career. Herminia Ibarra. In 2019 it’s very obvious: we live longer, we will work longer, and we will definitely retire later. So, we have the chance to explore several working lives. But when Herminia Ibarra published this book it was 2003 and nobody talked about that. Even if it was written more than fifteen years ago, Working Identity is still one of the most innovative essays describing how to positively transition within our career.

Member of the World Economic Forum and professor at the London Business School and at INSEAD, Ibarra uses the information she has been compilating throughout her several interviews to professionals who were in the middle of a reinvention process to establish the key factors enabling us to rethink our careers. It’s not about changing our life from one day to another, but about the continuous transition towards the new professional self we are looking for: connecting with role models, widening your network towards new inspiring circles, trying new activities, … Learning by doing as a methodology to bring to life that version of ourselves we always dreamt of and never dared to be.

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