The book of the month

Working Identity. Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing your Career. Herminia Ibarra. In 2019 it’s very obvious: we live longer, we will work longer, and we will definitely retire later. So, we have the chance to explore several working lives. But when Herminia Ibarra READ MORE

7 minutes with Mireia Martin

In my life there’s definitely a before and after meeting Mireia Martin, alma mater of Iconista. When, after my first year as an entrepreneur, I decided it was time to invest in branding, I got the chance to meet her through Nuria Soler, founder of Womanthon. READ MORE

“We are very special here”

There’s a sentence the vast majority of companies say at any given moment during my first visit: “We are very special here” or also “this company is totally different”. It doesn’t matter the size of the organisation, its country or industry type. This sentence is always the READ MORE

The book of the month

Turn the Ship Around! David Marquet. It’s not the first time I have recommended a book which, in turn, Yusuf Okucu recommended to me (Click here). Many thanks, Yusuf! Many of you know I never use the word “leadership”. It’s overused and it is often linked to READ MORE

7 minutes with Claudia Martínez

Claudia Martínez impersonates the concept of sorority, which is changing our world. When I first visited her company, Operadora Ganso Azul (Merida, Yucatan, Mexico), in February 2017 I felt so inspired that I decided I would no longer use Google pics (or similar) READ MORE

The Organicsation Chart

Every time I visit a company and they show me their organisation chart, the same image comes to my mind: a colleague of mine, years ago, in my corporate times. She was the Head of HR and she used to spend a whole day changing pictures and swapping names here and there READ MORE

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